Coney Island, Brooklyn New York

Late March and the weather teases with days that push 70 degrees, just slightly warm enough to conjure memories of long summer days and dreams of ocean waves crashing upon the beach. Today was not one of those days unfortunately. Overcast and slightly rainy was the best I got as I strolled the long wooden planks of Coney Island boardwalk, scrambling workers abound cleaning, building, prepping and doing copious amounts of frantic work for the upcoming opening of the season just a week away. I had visited Coney Island (apparently) when I was three years old, some 33 years ago. Needless to say I don’t remember the long stretches of combed beach and the smell of fresh hot dogs wafting thru the air. But today was nice. The overcast sky hung high above but streams of light would occasionally break thru, as if a subtle reminder of what was sure to come. Summer is on its way.


new york, usa

Living close to New York City has its advantages, especially when it comes to street photography. The sprawling mega-tropolis that never sleeps makes for image capturing at every turn. I try to focus on the unseen when roaming around the city, the everyday aspects of the hustle & bustle that go unnoticed many times make for the best frames. I have an affinity for black & white photography when it comes to New York as the dramatic tones seems to fit well with the gritty and ever-evolving landscape of Manhattan’s concrete jungle.

roma, italia

I find myself dreaming sometimes of strolling the cobble stoned streets and back alleys of the eternal city, finding inspiration and joy upon every new footstep. As a street photographer Rome captured my senses so deeply upon my initial visit, solidifying landscapes that would transform how I looked at photography entirely. From the gradual evolving buzz of the morning rush to the late evening sun that envelopes the city, Rome is at its heart the very definition of happiness to me. I long to be there, I long to experience the city in new ways each time, and I love how the city remains ever present in my dreams. Amore mio, davvero.

california, usa

The West - a seemingly endless and ever-changing landscape of urban sprawl with wilderness scattered in between. I once drove from Las Vegas to LA and had to pull over, reminding myself I was indeed on dry land and not roaming around somewhere on Mars. Having traveled to California a couple times now, each time leaves me with more visuals that keep me coming back for more. From the rolling lined vineyards of Napa Valley, the dream inspiring flavor of BBQ Pork buns in San Francisco’s Chinatown to the narrow winding streets of Malibu’s Uber-expensive real estate and the hazy horizon overlooking Los Angeles - California continues to intrigue me as a photographer, traveler and above all a food enthusiast.

traditional japanese dance & drumming

Each year in Philadelphia something special happens. A tiny bit of Japan comes to the region to celebrate the arrival of Spring. With it comes a weekend of joyous celebration, incredible food, vibrant culture and immensely beautiful traditional dance & drumming performances. Celebrating Spring and ‘everything new’ is something I have embraced ever since I began photographing these cultural events, leaving me with visions of cherry blossoms and warm weather to revel in.

munich, germany

I visited Munich once about ten years ago on assignment for a company I no longer work for. It was my first visit to Europe and probably a definitive trip in more than one aspect. While the details are now sparse in my memory, I do remember my trip to Munich solidified my desire to quit my corporate job and pick up my camera more. I remember Munich fondly however, the overall industrial vibe and efficiency on which everything seemed to operate was palpable. I remember how clean the subway was, a stark contrast to what my usual New York subway experience offered. I remember the food, heavy but inviting, always leaving msyelf and coworkers full but hungry for more shortly afterwards. The cold skies of late November would creep in before my time in Munich ended. Now, a decade later I look over some of the sub-par phone images I took below and still raise a smile. Munich, I hope will invite me back once more in the future.

colorado, usa

Conflicted are my memories of Colorado, both good and those I’d rather soon put in the past. Long forgotten friendships, extended work trips, cold climate and thin air all seem to be what I remember from my time spent in this place. I once thought I wanted to live in Colorado, among the giants that surround the city of Denver or perhaps in a sleepy little ski town. Besides the fact that I’ve grown to detest cold weather, I don’t have a skiing bone in my body, or any particular affinity for the vast amounts of overpriced craft breweries, I am safely putting Colorado behind me. I was once fascinated with this landscape which included neighboring Utah as well, having traveled extensively throughout each state. Putting aside the pessimistic ramblings I’ve outlined so far, CO does hold some pleasant memories. Sleeping in Frisco with the window open, listening to the river flow just feet from my pillow. Pikes Peak, where the views are powerful and literally breathtaking. The feeling of being away from home for the first time. I doubt I’ll return to Colorado as our time has come & gone, but I will keep the fond memories up front moving forward.


When I was younger I remember my father with his brown & green camera bag. Having been stolen from our apartment some twenty years ago (bandits yet to be caught), I remember some of the earliest photographs of myself were taken by that Nikon. Just a little kid jumping off the front stoop, soaring high into the air with arms raised in true superhero fashion - my father was there to capture it with his Nikon. Time passes and as some would say “all things come full circle” when it came as no surprise when I began to fall in love with film photography myself. While I don’t shoot often with film these days I do try to keep an old Canon AE 1 or Nikon F in my bag on my travels. You just never know when you need to catch a superhero in action.


Not just an obligatory ‘catch all’ of random images, these moments are simply undefined with any suitable title. They are however worth sharing in my opinion.


I am sucker for zoos. I love zoos. I live close to one of the best in the country.

philadelphia, usa

A stone’s throw away from my front steps, Philadelphia remains captivating in its intensity. Much like other large cities, Philadelphia offers great opportunity for street photography if you’re willing to go out and get it. Personally, the mid winter barrel fires and hawker stalls of the Italian Market draw my attention the greatest. Here, along this narrow street where Rocky once ran down you’ll find great frames as a photographer. If you’re a food lover this is a must see and experience section of the city. Rough, cold and perhaps seemingly overly gritty for the new comer - step inside any of the incredible artisan markets along this corridor and you’ll wish you allotted more money to your food budget.