Travel Series: Portraits of St.Peter's Square - Vatican City

Traveling to Rome the first time I had a few key things I wanted to make sure I did and saw before I left. Attending a papal mass was at the top of my list along with exploring the Vatican museums. Upon my first night in Rome it was absolutely pouring rain, leaving me sitting in my hotel bar scrolling thru my phone trying to determine what I could do. As luck would have it there was a papal mass in St.Peter’s Square the next morning. I work up early and trekked it all the way from Piazza Venezia to St.Peter’s Square . I was early to show up which looking back on now was a good thing. Within the hour the masses of pilgrims began to flood the square all awaiting the start of papal mass.

Attending the mass was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had in Italy. As a photographer I couldn’t help but capture some of the moments of this wonderful Sunday morning. The faces, pilgrims and happiness could be felt throughout the entire morning. Pilgrims from all over the world could be seen in jubilation, waving the flags of their homelands and smiling in joy.