Salt & Starch / by Ben Resini

You may have noticed a link to Salt & Starch at the top of my website. You might be asking yourself … what is this? Well let me tell ya …

Photography and cooking I have always found goes hand in hand. I’ve always been keen on browsing the cookbook sections of book stores and noticing some incredible food photography in the process. Having finished high school I found myself working in the restaurant industry for years. It was there as well as at home that I gained such an appreciation and love for cooking.

Salt & Starch is simply another creative outlet of mine that highlights my adventures in cooking. The site is chock full of recipes I have tried, articles and notes (some kitchen disasters), soon to come vlogs, and more!

So, for a fun respite from the wedding photography page head on over to the Salt & Starch blog to check out the latest goings on in my kitchen and more!

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