Ramblings - {Retro classic inspiration} / by Ben Resini

As a photographer in general I can’t help but be inspired by certain things. Lately my inspiration has been stemming from an era long gone but still fascinating to me - the 1960’s.

Recently I have found myself listening to an unreasonable amount of classic Italian Lounge music while editing. Elevator music? …. perhaps. But for some reason it brings me a sense of nostalgic curiosity. Having been born in the early 80’s, the 1960’s were long gone before I got here so the particulars of this era are only left for me to discover via the web, books and stories from my folks. It’s not totally abnormal to draw on the past for inspiration and I find myself doing that more than most.

One autumn night hanging out by fontana di trevi

One autumn night hanging out by fontana di trevi

My heart is in Italy and I pull inspiration from my time spent there, albeit brief thus far. Sometimes I find myself day-dreaming, transporting myself back to the cobblestone streets of Rome. The cacophony of Vespa’s buzzing by, a brisk November morning air flowing thru the alley ways and not a care in the world.

Perhaps it is all a dream.

Speaking of dreams my classic self-appointed film education continued with the latest flick I happened to find on Netflix called In Search of Fellini from 2017. The title struck me as I scrolled thru the glaring screen one sleepless night a few weeks back. Naturally I had to investigate. A bit of an odd movie which attempted to duplicate the whimsical confusion that so often engulfed much of Fellini’s films throughout, yet this time in a modern day era. While entertaining and uncomfortable at times, the film itself had good intentions and perhaps deserves a second viewing.

Besides photography, traveling and winging about traffic in Delaware I also caught the F1 bug a while back. Coupled with my love of classic film I snagged the classic Grand Prix from 1966 on DVD the other week. A combination of early film ingenuity and camera angles that are amazing for the time - Grand Prix is a must own for any car or racing enthusiast. Much is set in Monaco in that ever classic era gone by I mentioned earlier - so naturally this film is at the top of my list. Other noteworthy films I have been enjoying lately are Happy as Lazzaro, The Wonders, Sacro GRA, & To Have and Have Not.

Continuing on my recent film kick I also stumbled across the recently released American documentary Apollo 11. Having been fascinated by the whole space race era to begin with, and space exploration in general, this film is simply amazing. I don’t say that word lightly either when it comes to films. Whatever awards they give out for film, editing, remastering and the like - give them all to the folks that made this film. The remastering alone of the original archival 70 mm film is brilliant and worthy of an entire trophy case. Check this one out, you won’t be disappointed.

Rambling on …

I saw an article recently on the opening of the new TWA hotel at JFK. Needless to say - I am beyond intrigued by this and contemplating booking a room just to check out the hotel & design! {Don’t judge me!}

In closing …

This week I am back behind the screen finishing up some edits from my last wedding. I also hope to squeeze in some re-edits of some snaps I took while in Rome.

Until next time,

grazie a tutti