Street Photography - Back to where it started / by Ben Resini

The internet is chock full of articles on street photography. Everything from getting over your fear of taking photographs on the street to how to over expose your images using flash - for that ‘real’ feel. For me street photography began a long time ago and was my introduction into the world of photographing things that were multi-dimensional. What I mean by that is I was learning how to capture images of moving objects, changing landscapes and most importantly real life moments while exploring city streets and the public that filled them.

Sadly during those days I was mostly shooting weddings, I never had as many chances as I would have liked to hit the streets again with just my camera and the sense of adventure. As I look back today and review a lot of my work from years ago I cant help but feel excited to get back to where it began for me which is exploring New York City with my camera in hand.

Street photography is not for everyone. It can get ‘real’ - very quickly. I’ve found that the best part about it is the adventure in itself. You never know what you are going to encounter out on the streets of NYC, or any city for that matter. I’ve hoofed it around Philadelphia, Rome, Los Angeles, DC, Munich and other great cities, yet ultimately the love of street photography (for me) originated in New York.

I am looking forward to getting back out there this summer to see what stories may come.