The ball dropped / by Ben Resini

The ball dropped, again. Here we sit, now in 2019. Another start to a new year. New possibilities, new adventures and hopefully good things to come. I decided to try and take a different approach to 2019 as I did last year. Without getting into too much drawn out detail, 2018 was a difficult year. General consensus across the twitterverse and social media platforms confirms the same. For some reason - (choose any of your liking), 2018 seemed to have a cloud hovering above us, constantly drizzling rain down upon us while blotting out the bright sunshine. Dreary indeed. And no, I am not referring to anything political. If you follow my blog in this dedicated space than you’ve realized I do not discuss politics and do not intend to. Leave that to all the pundits.

So, back to the task at hand - 2019.

This year I want to turn the tides. Travel more. Document more. Write more. Experience more. I hope to do just that.

This year I hope to continue my photographic project of New York City - documenting as much of the city as possible. I’ve created a dedicated space on my website to keep track of the images and experiences from the project.

Thanks for following along in 2018 and here’s wishing you an awesome and incredible 2019 filled with travel and beautiful experiences along the way!

Much love,